Eligible donees of the NYS Bureau of Federal Property Assistance (NYSBFPA) may obtain property identified as excess to the needs of West Valley Nuclear Services Company by contacting Paul Kester, 716-942-4474 or Michelle Schweickert, 716-942-4696. To find out if you are an eligible donee, or to become an eligible donee, contact Mr. Al Haenel of the NYSBFPA at 518-457-3264.

Please note that the items are in various stages of the mandated screening process. Therefore, some items are available to eligible donees after a minimal service charge based upon the acquisition cost. This charge is payable to the NYS Bureau of Federal Property Assistance. Items that have been through a public sale may be available as a donation in lieu of abandonment or destruction.

If you are interested in any of the listed material, please reply ASAP.